The emerald beaches of Karpathos complement the exquisite natural scenery.

Apella, the most famous beach of Karpathos, charming Ahata with  its emerald waters, the popular Ammoopi with its golden sand and Kyra Panagia are only a few of the beautiful shores you will find at Karpathos. These beaches are ideal for relaxing and enjoyable swimming.

On the southwestern side of the island,  the area of Afiartis, is a treasure for those who love windsurfing and kite-surfing. It offers  as well as many enchanting beaches, such as Damatria , Christou Pigadi, Prasonisi, Vatha, Makris Gialos, Michael’s Garden, and the exotic beach of Diakoftis.

In addition, there are  countless coves, small and isolated , ideal for those who seek tranquility and privacy.

Beaches of Ammoopi
The famous bay of Ammoopi is located on the east side of the island and is divided into small coves that protect the shores from the northern winds, providing peaceful, calm waters. Fokia beach is about 800m away from the Elaia villa complex, while the shores of Mikri and Megali Ammmopi, Kastelia and Votsalakia are at a distance of 1000-1500m.

The waters of these beaches are ideal for families with children as they are shallow and clean, with golden sand or small pebbles below your feet.Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent, and  restaurants and taverns are nearby.

Diakoftis is a beach with the charm of the Caribbean shores that will enchant every visitor. This fascinating beach is located in the area of Afiartis, on the south coast of the island, at a distance of 14km from the Elaia villas complex, and 19mk from Pigadia. Its sand is pure white and its waters, azure and crystal clear, while a long  strip of sand, rocks and cedars,  divides the shore in two. There are a few umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, though it might be wise to carry your own equipment. There is also a canteen on the coast, where you can buy coffee and refreshments. The access to the beach is relatively easy, as the  unpaved road is only about 1,5km. Definitely a worthwhile experience!

Just a few kilometers from Diakoftis beach, you will find some equally beautiful and peaceful beaches, such as Punta, Michael’s Garden, Psoraris, Araki and Argilopotamos.

Agios Nikolaos, Arkasa
A beautiful beach with a view of the neighboring island, Kasos!

Agios Nikolaos beach is located near the settlement of Arkasa, at a distance of 13km from the Elaia villas complex. It consists of a white shore and shallow, azure waters with usually only small waves. You can enjoy your day at the beach, relaxing under the umbrellas and on the sun beds. In addition, you can taste the local fresh fish served by the local taverns.

Two km away, the beach of Ai Thoros is located , below a 30m long cliff. There you can find pools of running waters mixed with clay, an ideal mixture for body peeling.

On the west side of the island, a 20km route lined with pine trees leads from Arkasa ,to the picturesque northern settlement of Lefkos. There you will find three unique, beaches with sparkling waters and fine sand, as well as some traditional taverns where you can try the local dishes. The small island of Sorokastro is located opposite the beaches of Lefkos.
Ahata beach is located on the east shore of the island, at a distance of 17km from the Elaia villas complex and 12km from Pigadia. Its blue-green waters and white pebbles are overlooked by steep cliffs and pine trees, giving the shore a wild natural charm. The beach is small but wide, offering on one side umbrellas and sun beds for rent. Close to the beach is a tavern where you can buy refreshments or enjoy a  tasty lunch. The access by car is easy, as you drive  along the provincial road, while during the summer there are small boats organizing day trips from Pigadia.
Κira Panagia
Kira Panagia beach is situated on the east coast of the island, in the settlement of Kira Panagia, 20km from the Elaia villas  complex and 14km form Pigadia. It is one of the most famous beaches, known for its beautiful and picturesque scenery. The shore of white sand and small pebbles surmounted by two high cliffs that protect the waters from the wind. The beach is fully organized with umbrellas and sun beds for rent and it’s popular among families with children. Close to the shore, there are taverns offering a quiet and pleasant environment for lunch.
Apella is the best-known beach of Karpathos, as it has been recognized twice as the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean sea. With lovely white sand and pebbles and crystal clear waters, the beach is located  16 kilometers north of Pigadia.
Pine trees rise above the rocks surrounding the beach, forming a beautiful image. There are some umbrellas and sunbeds, but it may be prudent to carry your own equipment, as it is very popular in the summer. In the neighboring village Spoa, you can enjoy a meal in the local tavern while taking delight in the mesmerizing view.
Agios Minas, Olympos
The unique beach of Agios Minas is situated on the way to Olympos, at a distance of 37km from Pigadia.
It is an unspoilt beach with smooth pebbles and crystal-clear waters creating a unique landscape. The route to the beach is difficult, with only a dirt road leading to it from Spoa. However, you may have the chance to visit it by boat from the port of the island, Pigadia. Atop the mountain above the beach, is the picturesque chapel of Agios Minas. There are also two very beautiful beaches nearby, called Nati and Forokli.

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